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Integra and NDIS

Begin your NDIS journey with Integra, a registered NDIS service provider

Registered Provider

We can explain how the NDIS works, help you find out if you’re eligible, and guide you through the application process. If your application is approved, we can then provide you with a range of disability services under the scheme.

“The NDIS will help me be more independent. It means I can make the decisions that will help me get where I want to be in life.” 

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Your NDIS journey

We help make your NDIS plan a reality

It can be confusing when you first start looking into the NDIS. Integra is here to help. We’re happy to talk you through things in person at our offices or meet at a location that suits you, such as your home.

We can help you:

  • Understand how the NDIS works
  • Check your eligibility
  • Identify goals that the NDIS may fund
  • Help you with the application process


NDIA Planning tools

My Integra Pre-Planning Tool

The NDIS offers an opportunity to really think about what you want from life, and ensure the supports you receive are helping you get there. Before you get started, Integra recommends taking the time to think through your current supports and talk to family and friends to decide what you want out of the NDIS.

Integra has developed a range of tools to help you do this. The Integra Pre Planning Tool helps you prepare for your NDIA assessment, or what’s known as your ‘planning meeting’.  This booklet covers five main sections:

  • My Self: Who I am
  • My Family: Who are the most important to me
  • My Life: Where I live, socialise belong or connect
  • My Goals: How I want my life to be
  • My Heart: What is most important to me now

You can also take to one of our planners to help you decide on the best supports. Your planner will talk with you about everything from your strengths, abilities and opportunities for development to your needs for daily living and participation in the community. Together you can identify the reasonable and necessary supports that are required to make progress towards your goals.

“Integra helped me set a plan with clear goals along the way. I feel much more confident about where I’m heading in life.” 

My service provider 

Choosing to partner with Integra 

Once your NDIS application is approved, you can choose Integra as your NDIS service provider. That means that the disability services we provide for you will be covered by NDIS funding.


Managing my plan 

Choosing Integra to manage your plan, funds and supports

Our staff will support you to develop a tailored plan to help you achieve your goals – whether that means moving out of home, gaining education, finding a job, helping you with your paperwork or simply living a more independent life. 

We offer a range of disability services under the NDIS, and the list is expanding all the time. To find out all about our most recent services, please contact us.

We help with things like: 

  • Employment
  • Education and learning
  • Exercise and wellbeing
  • Day-to-day living skills
  • Travel and transport
  • Community and social activities


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