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Plan Management

Integra Choice and Control offers you the perfect plan management solution

What does it mean to self-direct your services and supports?  

Self-direction provides you with Choice and Control. You have choice over the services you purchase, who provides them, and how much you pay for them. You have control over when and how those services are delivered. You are in the driver’s seat.  

Choosing how to manage your NDIS budget is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Download our simple guide to your Plan Management options here.

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At Integra Choice and Control it's our job to support you. Much of what we do, such as paying invoices on your behalf, goes on behind the scenes. If we do our job well you might not even notice us. That’s how it should be. We want you to be able to stay focused on enjoying your life.

One of the biggest decisions you and your family will need to make is how you would like your NDIS plan and supports managed. 

Choosing how to manage this can be confusing. In the NDIS scheme there are three options:

  • You can choose to have the National Disability Insurance Agency manage your plan
  • You can self-manage your NDIS plan
  • You could choose a Plan Manager like Integra who can work with you to determine the best approach to maximising the benefits of your plan
     Integra Choice And Control

People who want the most flexibility in their supports, without all paperwork, choose Integra Choice and Control. We take care of the time consuming parts of managing your plan and your supports, so you don't have to.


Choosing a Plan Manager

Integra Choice and Control Plan Management service gives you the freedom to make your own choices.

By selecting plan management, you have the ability to:

  • Use unregistered providers
  • Negotiate for services directly with providers
  • Easily manage your NDIS budget
  • View, approve or reject your provider invoices
  • Access automated NDIA billing

You choose your own supports, while we protect you by managing your money in a consistent and transparent way. We provide you access to your budget information in easy to read, understandable formats.

Our services don’t cost you anything. We do not take money from your budget to provide support. Our role is to make plan management simple, so you have more time to do the things you want to do.


Choosing self-management 

One of the benefits of choosing the self-management option, is that you are able to directly employ your own service providers. Integra can help you through this process by completing all the paperwork and background checks, and taking care of things like work cover and superannuation. 

If you choose self-management, we can help you with:

  • Managing your bank account
  • Becoming an employer
  • Hiring an employee
    • All required forms and documentation
    • All required coverages
    • Police and children checks
    • Paying your provider and complying with award wages
    • Taking and filing tax


As much or as little support as you want

The NDIS is all about giving you choice and control. Integra is here for you in whatever capacity you need us – be that taking care of administration behind the scenes, or standing right beside you as you map out a plan to achieve your goals. 

You can draw on our experience to help:

  • Identify and select support workers or service providers
  • Negotiate service agreements with your providers
  • Arrange service contracts with providers
  • Manage the financial and administrative side of your plan


The tools to make things easier

Integra Portal

Our Participant Client Login and Mobile App - MyIntegraPlan - are there to help you easily manage your plan and your supports - anywhere, anytime. 

You are able to:

  • Schedule appointment times with your providers
  • View and approve timesheets and invoices
  • Track your spending in real time
  • Monitor your budget and spending history
  • View your provider and service schedule arrangements
  • Access resources to help you to increase your confidence in independently managing your budget and your supports

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